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I have reached the point in the cold were my sinuses are so raw that with every sneeze there is a torrent of blood and my shirt looks like a smock from a Civil War surgeon. The bin of bloody tissues looking like soiled bandages completes the look. I've abandoned Kleenex and I've just got a roll of toilet paper.

I got word from the VW guy and he's got a 21st century engine for my 20th century car. Hydrolic Valves that don't need adjusting ever and an electronic ignition that not only doesn't need dicking with, it also effectimizes the spark for better gas mileage.

It's too cool for school.

Rose kitty has removed the cone of shame and her stitches are out. Now if I can get her to eat the new food...


in 47 hours, 22 minutes and 43 seconds, I have a little announcement.
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