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Dragoncaller: On aging

I am all for putting children in the work force. After-school or summer jobs are great to let them earn money and teach them the value of a dollar and work ethic.

So it didn't surprise me to see them bagging at the supermarket. I thought eight was a little young, but the kid was efficient and skilled and didn't put the milk on top of the bread. A while later I saw one working as the check out. Well, how hard can scanning stuff be?

Last week, I will admit, I was shocked when I had an eight year old girl as my waitress. I mean, food server. She got the order right and was attentive. I wasn't quite sure on what to tip her, but I went with the customary 21%ish. I tip 20% and round up. I figure she was earning her school book money and paying into her college fund. She was tall enough to reach the table and waitressing, I mean, food serving, was a good chance to practice her math skills.

Well, I confess, I was set back when I had an eight year old as my eye doctor. Doctor Nora. She knew what she was doing and had a step-stool so she could check my retina.'

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "Your thinning retina looks just like in the book!"

She giggled and did the glaucoma test and the eye test. "Which is better, one, or two?" And then she asked. "Read the last line." My left eye wasn't behaving. "I'll check that again. Here comes the bright light! Look up, look down, look here at my barrette."

The barrette was from My Little Pony.

I have a slightly new prescription, my left eye has changed. I picked out some new glasses with frames designed his this century.

School starts next week and I figure the kids will have stories to write about in their "What I Did This Summer" Essay. Titles like, "I was an eye doctor!" and "I was a Thermo-nuclear Biologist!" will cross their teacher's desk. I remember mine. "My Dad Beat My Ass So Bad I Don't Remember Much!"

Those were the days.
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