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Bitch slapped by the 21st Century

I think we all know by know that I am not pleased with the progress of this century. Almost a decade into it and there isn't a viable mass production plan for a perpetual motion engine, or even a sub-compact flying car.

Truth be told, I was never promised a flying car, but lawdy! How they alluded to it! Meet the Jetsons! 20 minute work days! Ordering robots around was our most labor intensive activity!


Oh, the 21st Century would have tubes interlaced throughout the city like a mad scientists Hamster experiment that would vacuum suck us from one spot, across town and down to the receiver, right side up, with only a whoosh of air!


Now the 20th century, there's a century I could get behind. Polio and small pox, gone! Homes wired for electricity push back the night. The History Channel and Discovery Channel!

The Interweb!

I can now stream custom tailored porn right to my desktop. No more lurking around in mid-town Manhattan pouring over the latest release of Betty Page's previously thought lost forever material. Big! It's on You Tube!


I'm okay with the 20th Century.

The 21st Century, lacking in anything worth while, is a spiteful Century and that came about a couple nights ago while I was playing World of Warcraft.

Yes! This is what this whole post is about! I was playing WOW and I reached level 70 and suddenly realized that I had MAXED OUT.

That's it! Game over, man! Although I have seen the level 80's, because I did not have the Wrath of the Lich king expansion, Level 70 was as far as I was going to go.

Well, to get Wrath of the Lich King, I needed a more powerful computer. A newer computer.

A 21 Century computer.

2, count them, 2 core processors. Ghaa! When will it end? My cousin, Roc the Dragonslayer, has a quad processor. 4! As if he's designing the latest artificial heart, or something. We made it to the Moon and back with slide rulers and I need 2 core processors to play a game!


And then what of the old computer? Loyal, steadfast, functioning. I can't donate it to a school, it's so old it will only teach the kids how we got along in the mesozoic period.

the 20th Century left behind it's roots of build, repair and make it last forever and has lead us to the point of abandonment of all but the latest and newest. Better? Hardly. Just new and clean and pretty and as hollow as Paris Hilton's head.


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