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Still no car.

So, to recap.
Gen, my bug, suffers a catastrophic engine failure back in July right in front of an air cooled engine shop. So, we wheel it in and talk about new motors. He says he knows someone who can make a 78 bus engine with hydrolic self adjusting valves fit my 74 bug which means no more adjusting valves. He'll get right on that.

So we wait and the mechanic suffers a personal episode that had all the ear marks of horribleness of life changing trauma which, and rightfully so, distracts him from my car. What bristled me is that no one else in his shop can track down the new engine while the boss is getting his personal stuff in order.

It turns out okay for the guy and he makes more calls and goes back and forth looking for this new, futuristic engine. I'm calling for updates and getting no call backs when I leave messages, so I drive out to Rhodes Island to see him. He tells me that the engine isn't working the way it should and that he was lead to believe that all the bugs had been worked out when they were not and he was no longer confident in the engine.

I suggest Mid America motors. They have a nice website. The guy doesn't seem to trust the new fangled interweb and wants to go with his stand by company in California.

I don't know Mid America from a hole in the ground, so I trust his experience.

Price is about the same, warranty is the same, we'll go with that.

So, the engine arrives, they yank out the old one, they go to put in the new one.

Can you guess?

Wrong engine!

Calls are made, they are so sorry we'll ship the new one. I'm thinking it'll be another month. It will be a week, week and a half to ship the wrong engine back and a week, week and a half to get the new engine. So that brings us right around to October. So I plan to make a payment today, but I'm thinking in the back of my head, "Following the logical progression of previous events how can this latest plan go array?"

So I call and the guy tells me still no engine. He thought he was supposed to wait until he got the right engine before he ships the wrong engine back. And to make matters worse, the company isn't going to refund his cost to ship the wrong engine back.

But he assures me that he's working on getting that cost taken care of.

So, that's where we are. I am still sans beetle. If we had gone with Mid America cars, I'm confident their customer service would have had me back in my bug months ago.

And that is why, Dear anneheart I needed some nice tea on this sad, grey, miserable day.
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