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Report of Groton Fall Fest Demo.

Click for more pictures.

The day began as cloudy, breezy with a drizzle here and there, but nothing a nice cloak couldn't handle. We set up, dressed up, and went to battle. Although the even started at 10am, people were pouring in early and eager to see everything.

Gerard and Annora, new comers, were on hand to help. Here, Annora demostrates spinning wool into thread while our Baroness Shiro sets up her weaving trundle in the back ground. Lady Kay, in blue in the foreground, greets visitors.

Over 5,000 visitors came!

We frequently demonstrated combat for the cheering crowds. I got my picture taken a dozen times. One girl exclaimed, "This is more fun than posing with Disney Characters!" I'm not making that up.

Aiden had his blacksmith set up and hammered out a broach and a small knife, all while entertaining the never ending bevy of questions.

All in all, an awesome day! Many thanks to our SCAdians who came out to demonstrate what the SCA is all about.
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