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The constistancy of change

Burning gold sparkling in the morning sun as leaves filled with wisdom of wonder drift slowly, smoothly, to join the patchwork blanket of blood, rust, and curry that covers the forest floor. Cool air, dancing in sunlight, caress cob apple cheeks softly. Shadows play across my hand, dancing, fighting, roughousing.

Ever changing, undefinable, the most wonderful time.

Deliver systems, like mail and e-mail can surprise you. You never really know what going to be in the mail. Life is a delivery system in its own. You never really know what's going to happen next. Sure you can predict probable outcomes, like, I will take a sip of my Dr Horrible Tea of Evil, but there is no guarantee. I may not do it. It may not happen. Could the Met's play the Phillies for the world series? Not likely.

Truth be told, they're two teams in the same league with stoopid names. The Metropolitans? What kind of name is that for a baseball team? Sounds like the outfield is the wind section for the Philharmonic. The Phillies? Who names their team after a horse? A girl horse? Really?

Yesterday, my computer died.

It could be something simple like the powerplant is dead. I never watered it. It could be something horrible as the hard drive is toast. My last back up was August. Which means I've lost many hours of my latest novel which hasn't yet a name. I would be sad if that happened. Everything else is expendable to a degree.

The computer being gone easily pushed me out of sorts. I am a computer dependent person. It connects me to the there. The world, the universe, you. It is a rather big loss.

This is on top of the fact that Gen is still in the shop, the new engine is still in transit. Sitting on a cornflake waiting for my dream car to return and then, poof! My Popcorn popper burns out!

Burns out!

How can this happen? How can a loving, merciful God allow this to happen to a reasonably nice guy? All I did was tease blaecstan about his baseball team and God takes out my computer and my popcorn popper?


Dear, blaecstan I am sorry for saying bad things about your truly awesome baseball team, the Phillies. I was wrong and I'm very, very, very, sorry and I won't do it again, cross my heart.

Can you turn on my computer now?

I have abducted goodkarma74's computer. I don't mind so much because I know that she had something to do with my computer going belly up. Oh, it's not that my computer was built and shipped in the 20th century, no, no, no. It's because whenever she thinks something in my life needs updating, she uses her powers to blow something up. A lot of people don't know this, but she was in the army where she developed her mind to kill goats with only a thought. It was all top secret, hush, hush, but the story is out now. She did this. I don't know why she took out the popcorn popper, but maybe she was just showing off.
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