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Time for a walk.

It was a perfect day to go outside and do outside things.

Now, if you're a follower of this LJ for the past 7 years, (has it really been 7?) you might be thinking that it's the time of year when Dragoncaller takes off all his clothes and walks out his front door and parades around the house al natural for no reason other than he can, and you might be wondering if he's done it yet, seeing as the leaves are falling off the trees at an alarming rate and if he doesn't do it now he might not get the chance, and if he has done it, how did it go?

It went great.

Or BBQ grill is on the fritz. I don't get it. It's a gas grill, how can it be on the fritz? It's been on the fritz for several months now, as is the stove and the oven and our printer. All not working for many moons, so I'm thinking that blaecstan isn't the culprit, but goodkarma74 is. She wanted us to redesign the kitchen and suddenly the stove and oven goes and as a reminder, she takes out the popcorn popper. She kills the BBQ grill to stop us from just grilling everything and forces us to deal with the stove and oven.

Same thing with the computer. She said we should get a Mac, and then my laptop dies, followed by the printer and now the main computer is toast.

Fortunetly, the hot tub, and vodka, are working fine.

You are all free to join me.
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