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I'm not dead yet...

The computer's power plant defecated in its bunk. The computer gurus will back up the essential stuff on the hard drive and give the hard drive and what's left of the computer back to me. If I need anything else off that Hard drive, I will simply get it off the hard drive. I may get a used power plant from somewhere and continue to use the computer for something. Ah donno, a big paperweight.

That's a bit of relief. I backed up my HD in July and so the last chapter and some revisions of my latest yet to be named novel was not backed up. So now I will get those and saved e-mails and stuff, back. All is well.

I'm still shopping for a new Mac.

It is the official warning shot, George Carlin's, 2 minute warning. The computer was 9 years old. While it had a lot of spunk, Gateways seem to have that, everyone succumbs to time.

I think it's time.
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