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Mr Scott? A miricle, if you would.

It is sleek, black and cool, lifted neatly and silently from a spy's pocket. It has no buttons, only a tiny, tiny light on its blank face to let you know it's on. It is smaller than my outstretched hand, flatter than my Sunday morning pancake.

Inside is the Louvre, Library of Congress and Paramount movie catalog.

My life.

500 gigabytes of space, the final frontier. It is a back up drive, a warehouse of emptiness waiting to be filled. My old computer's hard drive was cracked open and it's secrets poured out into the new back up drive.

It is wizzbang to say the least.

There are bigger drives, I'm sure. Tetrobytes and Terrorbytes and Gooblebytes and GoblinBytes, but I'm from the generation that used to have to press play on a tape recorder in order to play a computer game, where a kilobyte was the size of the Tibetan backdrop, and where 8 green blocks on a grid were high resolution graphics.

Sound was a beep.

Now? 500 Gigs in the palm of my hand.

I better get to work.
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