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It's alive

I have named my Mac, Archimedes. He is sleek and slim and has black keys on a silver face, sort of like a reverse Oreo. I've been playing with settings and stuff. It found the internet, hooked up my e-mail and sent a letter to my VW mechanic demanding they hurry up and fix my bug, all by itself within the first minute of powering up. It's folding my socks while I type.

The one click is a little to get used too. Mac is very key stroke command driven which is good for writers. I can save docs and stuff without having to pick up my hand, figure out where the mouse is, find the pointer and then get the pointer to the little space on the screen and then click on it.

The one mouse button? Ahdonno. I may have to give into Microsoft thinking with multi mouse buttons. And there is no backspace. That was strangely handy. I am more than likely to use my egro-wireless keyboard for serious writing as I do have bad posture and my wrists slouch on the key board. The aluminum case is sharp right there. On the slightly newer models, I think they beveled the edge. Bevel is good.

It sound nice and the graphics are nice and it's all around nice. I think the best thing about it is, it's not a PC. I like that I can pick and choose what parts I want to work like a PC, like two button mice, and what part work like a Mac, like it works and I don't spend the majority of my time figuring out why it isn't working.

So, we shall see. I have some playing to do.
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