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Hot tubs on the Moon!

Sunset + Margarita + Hot tub + watching the stars come out one at a time until you can see the jewel encrusted belt of the Milky Way = ?

I know the answer! Do you?
Poll #1486446 Your answer is?

I know the answer, do you?

Staring up at the quickening sky and thinking that NASA has called the astronauts of yore, liars.

Liar, Liar! Pants afire!

Guys who strapped themselves onto untested bombs on the promise and hope to reach out into the cosmos and shake hands with Heaven. Guys who gave their lives, depended their lives on the skill that some geek with a slide ruler could calculate a way home for them. Depended on computers that lack the processing power of my wristwatch to get them out into the cold unknown of space and back to the warmth of mother Earth.

Yeah, those guys.

They are liars.

NASA now says that there is water on the Moon and is busily making plans to suck the Moon dry and selling bottled Moon water in Parisian Cafes to sponsor their next project: Once and for all call out Jesus and the raise dead thing. Heaven is in space, right? Just sign over the Gross National Product and we'll get a direct line to Jesus, and if not Him, at least one of the Saints, one of the main ones like Saint Peter, or Paul, or Guinefort.

Let me think. If NASA spent a billion dollars to build a rocket that will hit the moon and send up a giant dust cloud to find water, and not spend it on Health Care, or Edumacasion, or Climate Control, and did not find anything and could only say, Ooops! Would we in turn hand them another billion dollars and hope they can tell the difference between Metric and Standard and not loose another Mars rocket, or tell them, you know what? Your big brains could be better used at a real job that actually produces something other than Tang and Teflon, like, Ah donno, curing H1N1 or male patter baldness... something useful for a change?

What do you think would happen?

Don't answer that.

Think of the hot tub... watching the stars come out... the fat band of the Milky Way spanning above us...

Margarita mixed WAY too strong...

All is well.
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