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Again, we wait.

I took the day off.

The whole day. The plan was he was going to call this afternoon, my father in law would pick me up and we would go get Gen, the beetle, and I would drive her back home.

That was the plan.

So I took the day off.

He called on Wednesday and told me that it was looking good for Friday pick up. He had everything and they were working on it as we speak.


So, I took the day off.

He called at noon.

He ordered the wrong heater boxes and couldn't jury rig them (Not that I would want that seeing as I've paid all this bloody money) and had to order new boxes. He also broke something in the new electronic distributer so he had to order that. The parts should arrive Monday.

The distributer thing is a short job, and once it's timed and adjusted should never need adjusting again. New technology that's been proven to work real well in Beetles. Also bolting on the heater boxes is also a short job, assuming you have the right parts. Then all that leaves is put the engine in the car and start it up. That is also a short job. 4 bolts, some screws, couple wires, couple hoses and a cable.

So if he has his parts, a couple hours for a trained mechanic and done and done. I'll have no worries short of oil and valve adjustments, for the next 75,000 miles.

Assuming he can do this.

Truth told, this should have been done before Wednesday. Hell, this should have been done Months ago. The car was in his shop on July 30th. For a trained mechanic, this is a fairly easy job.

So there was little doubt that it would be done today.

Which is why I took the day off.

Truth is, my lack in my own skills is what brought me to this hard learned lesson. I know how I fuck things up. Measure twice, cut once, fuck it up and get a new piece and start again. Nothing I build would pass any inspection. The kids at the Tech school could miter rings around me.

I was afraid.

I was afraid of me.

I was afraid of me fucking up my dream car so I gave it to a stranger and paid him.

True, he's the best air cool mechanic in the state. True, he works on Beetles, Busses, porches, Gia's on a daily basis. This isn't strange to him.

But he's so unreliable!

I took the day off, had my father in law on stand by, waited by the phone...

So, we're looking at Tuesday now for his new parts to arrive and have it all together to bring home.

Tuesday is my day off.
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