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No, no, no, in the back of the throat, Arrrrrrgggghhhh!

"I am furious."

I said that, like that. I am furious.

And then to make sure I was getting my point across and said this:

"Really, I am absolutely furious right now."

As if I have to pay up front for exclamation points in cash. But no, I have to be mister cool all the time because when I scream it means that my wrongness is immanent.

The bug guy called. "I got the passenger side heater box. They now tell me the driver side is on back order."

And I said:

"I am furious."

I don't think anyone would have faulted me if I said, "Blast your eyes, man! I am furious! By the congealed milk stuck to Baby Thor's chin! Can't you produce one, lowly heater box! How can you run a business without a capable supplier of Heater Boxes! How can you run a business with this level of incompetence? Show me the scars where you scourge yourself for your imbecility! If they are insufficient, I shall add my own!


But no, I said, I am furious.

I asked him to make a few more calls. I told him to call J-Bugs in California. If they have it, get it, if they don't, stop what you're doing and I'll pick up everything tomorrow and tow the car home.

Truth be told, I would never get a wrecker the day before Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving, or the day after, or the day after that, or the day after that bringing us right back to Tuesday.

So I was at a cross road.

Phone rings again and he said, J-Bug has the box, the guy has it in his hot little hands and put it in a shipping box while they're on the phone and are sending it.

It will be here next week.

See? Cross roads.

If you call me tonight, understand this

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