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Nothing is easy.

Torrid wind and rain slowly eases back and the sun, forgotten and forlorn, finally pushes through the grey. Warming, healing, gentle petals of life stroke the damp forest floor.

So I'm thinking, it's killin' time.

My target is a fat bag of stuffing hanging from a target 30 yards away. The mosquitoes this year were hell spawned micro-demons from the third plane of torment, the annoying eternity, so I didn't get to practice like I should have. Should I go out and risk some horrible bug born disease with only a thin, invisible shield to somehow protect me? Assuming this thin shield isn't a placebo or worse, its poisons seep into my pours and turn my blood to toxic soup just so I can riddle my target with my new carbon fiber shafts of death.

Well, when you put it that way, maybe I should have gone out there, but what happened was this. I was lured back into the house my World of Warcraft.

Sorry, but there you have it.

So I went out today to take advantage of the niceness of the weather and confront the arrow netting that is looking a little ragged. I can get some pvc tubing and support that from a cable to the trees and let the netting hang from that.

Sounds like todays plan.

I go out to measure what I'm going to need only to notice that a tree had given up the roots and has fallen onto another tree. Only a few branches, thinner than my wrist, keeps this sad tree from going horizontal. In the azimuth of this triangle, tree, tree, earth, is my arrow netting.

Of course.

I can bust out the chain saw and start cutting, but first I have to take down the cable that holds up the netting. I'll need a ladder and some wrenches to do that. Then I can start cutting the tree which is in a rather precarious spot. I might kick back and hit me on the way down. Very dangerous.

Or I can wait for it to fall, snap the cable, drop the netting and deal with it in the spring.

I can still shoot, assuming I get up before noon which never happens if I have anything to say about it.

So, who's up for runnin' a WOW instance?
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