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It's art, you unwashed heathen!

Adventure awaits!

Our band of intrepid explorers journeyed out of the Shire with a stack of fresh handkerchiefs, a lovely selection of tasty cakes and some Lembras bread wrapped in banana leaves for back up, to the dark land of The City, where the towering spires of Iron, steel, and glass, ring the borders making the place look more like a menacing and very illegal bear trap waiting to spring.

It was a trap indeed!

We journeyed to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Art of the Samurai exhibit. National treasures of Japan were on display for this one time special showing of the history of Japan.

We calculated poorly. My fault entirely. The traffic into the city was MURDER! A mass of non-moving cars limping along the highway took up two hours that we could have spent touring the museum.

Not like we could have seen anything anyway.

In the shadow of the Guggenheim we rolled up slowly to the steps of the great museum only to be welcomed by a throng of people in a line that wrapped around the block.

Even the parking garage was full!

Seems every parent wanted to make up for years of neglecting their little spawn and their self abuse of their under developed squashes, by dragging them against their spoiled wills, during their Christmas vacation, to get a over load of culture and art that they are incapable of appreciating.

The place was packed.

You couldn't actually see anything because of kids all standing around. I went to see an exhibit and there were two teens looking at it. I waited for a moment and looked up and noticed that they were making out. Standing in front of a display case giving mutual tongue tonsil massages.

Some were playing hide and seek, or twittering how bored they were. Some actually showed interest. And by some I mean I saw three kids who were in to it. Three out of the tens of thousands.

But we pressed on. First, we're met by this cheeky fellow.

As dreamtech would say, "Hay-lo!"

Then the Samurai exhibit. F-ing awesome! You could get inches away from well lit displays. Katanas from the 11th century sharpened to the atom. Incredible!

There were no pictures allowed so you'll just have to see it yourself. Sorry.

Then there was some Byzantine stuff that I thought that zephyrofgod might like.

There was this nipple ring

and pasties

And art

And Armor!

You can check it all out here

The stuff was awesome, but fighting the crowds KILLED the whole experience.

We then fled the city as the crowds were just unrelenting and made our way to Stamford CT for a Japanese restaurant. A fitting end to our adventure.
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