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19th century thrill ride.

Sherlock Holmes. 3 out of 5 stars. Add it to your net-flicks list and save the bucks you'd spend at the theater, unless you have a small TV. Then go see a matinee.

Good acting, plot, not much of a mystery. The entire movie rested on action and special effects, both of which were done well. Robert Downey Jr plays a decent functioning whack job and Jude Law plays a excellent Watson.

I had hoped for more snappy banter between the two. It had it moments, but not a lot of spark there. Their acting did bridge their Watson/Holmes friendship rather well. There was okay dialogue when Holmes and Watson talked to other people, just not to each other.

Excellent Steam Punk feel all around. I felt they were in the 19th century.

Holmes' adversarial love interest should have had a few more years beneath her. She looked way too young to be what she was. P'raps that's just me getting old.
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