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When the last sword is drawn

This touching and beautifully done movie in the last days of feudal Japan is the bridge for those of us who felt cheated by the American movie, The Last Samurai. (Nod to Deryck Swan)

This is the story of an impoverished samurai who leaves his clan, an unforgivable crime, to find work to keep his family supported. He his quickly caught up in the frequent tangle of Catch 22 that Japanese honor demands.

There are no true villains, or evil plots, just a story of people, pride, and iron bound honor. The scenery is breathtaking, the characters rich and full of depth, and the action is top notch. The sword play is to drool over.

You will tear up. Kagetsunami had to pause the film to go get Kleenex. It's that real.

4 out of 5 stars, consider adding this to your collection.
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