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Terror in the hills.

PVC-1 is the nailbitting Hitchcokian lesson on how to build suspense, maintain suspense and how to create a instance that will shackle your attention so that you physically cannot look away.

4 out of 5 stars, consider adding this to your collection. Wanna be writers and directors will want to watch the movie again and again to study the simplistic, yet in-depth skills of the director of this movie. There are times when you think a lot isn't going on, but as you think about it, there isn't a wasted frame in this movie. A lot is going on at all times.

The plot: Based on actual events, bad guys lock a PVC pipe around a woman's neck and is told its filled with explosives. Her family must come up with 15 million pesos or it will explode.

That's the story line. And the script too.

Now hang on to your seats.

The entire movie is filmed in one take, with one camera. The audience moves like a ghost to each point of interest for the 85 minute long movie that feels like a 30 minute movie. The director will screw with you, distract you, surprise you and torment you. You will feel for this woman and her plight.

People with pacemakers may want to skip this one. The director can and does, at will, make you jump in your seat.

I watched this on Net Flicks instant play on my Mac so I was sitting a little close to the screen. P'raps too close as it made me feel I was standing in the hills of Columbia beside a woman with a bomb around her neck.
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