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And with a nice cup of tea, we begin

Red is the color of life and of Satan's buttoned up back door drawers. It is the color and demons dancing up a storm.
Yellow is warmth and comfort or cowardice. It is also the harbinger of danger and ruin.
Green is the Earth, or forest and nature, and the first sign of healing, but also of pestilence and poison and disease.
Blue is sadness and despair, or sky and heaven. It is the color of cold and ice or hot jazz and laugher.
Purple is royalty and splendor. Majesty and pageantry! It is also the color of child abuse, assault and suffering.
Orange is energy! Vitamin and health! Orange is fire and destruction and the wall paper in hell.
Pink is not a color at all, so don't worry about it. It is the mindset of bubbles and cuteness and charm. It is also the mindset of fraud and depict.
Black is cool beauty and class. It is style and fashion and of death and evil and not always fun to play with.
And white?
White is nothing. Empty and hollow.
White is hope and potential. Like a fresh sheet of paper and a box of crayons.
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