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Nipple armor, check!

We're sitting in a Chinese All you can eat Buffet and I am distracted by the glimmering chrome tops on the posts that guard our booth. It is 1930, or 1950, it is hard to tell. The technology hasn't changed since. It feels like Harlem and we're in between the rushes of the shift workers so the place is empty and quiet, and the pretty Chinese girls float in and out clearing tables and filling our drinks from the soda fountain.

It is actually Super Bowl Sunday and the place is dead.

But the food is hot and tasty, the white plates with blue Chinese characters circle the rim stain with the dark color of the pork ribs, or the orange of Sweet and Sour Chicken or the pool of oil that seeps from the Dim Sum.

It is gamiris, Master Feral and myself huddled together at the best time of the night, eating less than healthy at the Chinese Buffett after an awesome fight practice.

We had driven up to Massachusetts for their regional fighter practice. Sir osgkar served up a hell spawned blow across my helm, but there were no injuries to my person, the pain I came with was the same I left with.

There is a huge number of Chiv there and the intent is to teach and train. After the sparing, choose your fight, have at it, we ran some melees and then some drills. I got to talk about the tactics of what to do when you leg your opponent.

Yes, we must always cover the basics.

Fighters who I know, others I would like to know more of. I have identified a lot of my short comings and I have some work to do before Mudthaw. I am horribly out of shape and practice.

So there at the table, we talk, we re-hash, we share the best part of being in the SCA.

We are a society, we are social. Our squire brothers, our brothers and sisters in chivalry, our friends.

We get to sit and enjoy each others company, getting our fill of food and talk, enough to last us until we get to do it again.
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