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Training continues.

Still warm from my pell training. Focus is first on form, then on stance and lastly, power. There is no snow here so I was out there, focusing on putting rattan to pell. I may burn through this stick before Mudthaw, but that is little matter. I have another ready to go.

I'm stepping up cardio. Rowing and walking on alternate days. On the row machine I can sprint, go until my lungs burn.

I plan to clear out space in the basement and set up the weight set. Must get stronger so I can take on emt_hawk.

I have removed beer from my diet. Painful? Yes. But worth it. I have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

I must master all forms. Sword and board, sword and sword, sword and mayhem, whatever the forum.

Yes, there will be blood.

And no, sphygmometers at 10 paces, or Carolingian foot hopping tourneys.

Him, me, rattan and tape.

Tomorrow, another 5k on the machine.
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