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Must hit sick, must hit ugly!

More pell work. Destruction sequence coming along. 6.5k on the Row Machine. 400 calories burnt or a 140 watt light bulb glows brightly for one hour.

st_alix sent me a cd with power music got my blood revved. I felt like I could knock over a castle and then beat a dragon to death with a stick.

Things come together as Mudthaw comes along.

Oh, and don't play all innocent, emt_hawk. The society isn't big enough to escape the vines of grape and gossip. Well, you shall find that a piece of Frodo isn't at all inexpensive. In fact, I'm like Macy's. 20% more expensive than anything you'll find in the mall, and 40% more expensive than Wal-Mart. But, you'll also find that I'm 20%/40% (depending where you shop) better quality. Wal-Mart is okay, Sears is nice, but Macy's is the good stuff.

And you haven't said what forum we'll be fighting in. May I suggest best of five with a must win by two victory condition with a max of ten bouts. And no dagger beer pitcher fights.


Must shower now.
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