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Still pumped from the row machine.

6.4k glides under my rower. Breathing easier, everything easier. dianaim's Bruise butter has knocked down the swelling in my knees and elbow.

Focused on foot work and shield drills. Remember the poem? "More shield lifts! More shield lifts! Till your arms feels like molten lead. The penalty for a slow left arm is a crease along your head!" I've got a five pound weight that I've attached to the basket.

I also focused on my butt. For that final snap, the drive from the hip should be running from the feet to the butt. It's the difference between blah and something a Duke will take. On a forehand the right cheek clenches, for the wrap it's the left.

Well, it seems like emt_hawk is challenging everyone. osgkar now wants a turn. I tell you, at this rate, it'll be a conga line by time we hit mudthaw. diablu? gamiris? Who's next?

I have to pound out my shield. The blocking edge is furled pretty badly. Hey, gamiris? Should I heat it up with a torch before pounding it out? Or just do it cold? Or just wait for adult supervision?

Tomorrow? Weigh in.
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