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On a rainy day

It was hard to get moving on this grey, rainy day, but I got too it. I cleared out the area around the weight bench so now all I have to do is bring the weights down stairs tomorrow and start strength training again.

I pounded the dent from my shield so that's all set. I looked for my sword blank only to find it too is broom sticked. Luckily, I have more sword grade rattan. I'll shave one down tomorrow.

Pell work today was a cycle of sword and shield, sword and sword and polearm. The rain was only a persistent drizzle by then and only added to the whole, actiony feel of it. Water cascaded from the pell with each shot. Kinda cool, actually.

Cream of Wheat breakfast. Just as I thought I was being healthy, I read the box and found out that a serving is three table spoons. Three tables spoons! Can you believe it? I've been eating like, ten servings. How many table spoons are in a cup?

I mean, look at the box. It's got a bowl filled to the rim. That does not look like three frelling table spoons.

Problem solved.

Washing machine went kerfluwee. I drive to Sears after work and get a repair guy to come out to the house. TV is on it's last legs. I don't know what the plan is with that, but clean clothes takes precedence.

Kitten Newt, who in 1992 gave birth to Dr Jones, Einstein and Lt Patches is also on her last legs. 18 is old for a cat. Dr. Jones and Einstein have already crossed the rainbow bridge.

But we celebrate the time we have while we have it.

This storm makes all of my bones ache, but I guess it's okay seeing as it isn't snow. Snow would suck.

It's bed time.
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