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I''ve not used this icon in a while.

Another 6k on the row machine. I'm going to extend the clock another 6 minutes to make it an even 30 with 2 miunutes cool down.

I didn't do pell work yesterday because of the down pour, and we'll see about today. We've missed on the snow that NY has gotten so far, but our luck might be running out.

It all depends on shesingsnow's mood, actually.

Newt, the grey kitten who gave birth to Dr. Jones, Lt. Patches and Einstien some 19 years ago, may be nearing the end. Please give a prayer that reguardless the outcome, she be free of pain, suffering and sadness, and that her dreams are filled with toys and happiness.

And sunshine.

There is no snow on the ground so I did a few rounds of pell work, focusing on range, moving in and out, and then power. It will be surprises in abundance when I square off against emt_hawk at Mudthaw.
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