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How to make a Zombie.

So, in CT, the state where I live, there is an old lady and she is dying. She lives, for now, in a rest home/assisted living. She gathers her children around and tells them her final wishes. She writes it down so they don't forget and then has it notarized so it's all nice and legal like. She appoints her eldest son to carry out her wishes and gives him Power of Attorney so he has the legal authority to carry out her specific wishes.

As the time approaches, they are all there. She slips into unconsciousness and her breathing becomes shallow.

The facility that she is in is required by law to call the EMT's. A Pair of Medics show up and the son presents his documents and his mother's living will. She wants no treatment. She wants her end to be with dignity.

The Pair of Medics look over the paperwork and agree. They will do nothing.

Now here in lies the rub.

The Pair of Medics looks over the paperwork and ask, "Where is the DNR?"

A DNR is a Do Not Resuscitate order. It prohibits a Pair of Medics, or a dozen for that matter from bringing you back to life once your heart stops.

The son says he doesn't have one. He has a living will with his mother's explicit request.

The Pair of Medics explain to him, something that I know for a fact is CT law and has precedent in this state, that once she dies, a living will becomes instantly invalid and without a DNR, the staff at the home MUST call the EMT's and the Pair of Medic, or more, MUST respond and they MUST do everything in their power to bring her back to life.

Isn't that Awesome?

His power of attorney can speak for her while she's alive, but he's not the executor of estate, so he can't speak for her after she's dead. She becomes State property and the State MUST assume that she wants to not be dead regardless of what she said in any Living Will.

This is not the first case of this very same thing and yes, people have been sued for not resuscitating the patient.

What I'm not clear on is this: Once the person dies and is brought back, does the Living Will take affect again, and they must provide no treatment, let her die again and bring her back and keep this up until they get bored or she becomes a zombie? Or does the Living Will remain invalid and they cart her off to a hospital, hook her up to amazing medical machines and keep her around until a court order says knock it of or she can speak for herself?

And what if she becomes a Zombie? Not dead and not alive. Now what?

Well, when last we left our hero, he was scrambling to get a DNR. However, since Mom is no longer talking, it will likely not be issued. Her plans for a peaceful repose may not work out.

Some of you may be outraged, some of you not. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Pell work today. Shield drills, combos, and closing in and moving out. I also did some mace work. Ghaa! Scared even me!

The duct tape on the pell is fraying quickly under the barrage of blows. I will have to tape it up once the sun comes out. With this storm front lingering, that may not be until June.
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