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It's the waiting that will kill you.

Westminster Abby rises black and haunting from the Thames against the grey desolate sky. Messerschmitts growl as they drop like spiders from above, their blazing machine guns barking like a pack of starving dogs. Sirens moan and scream as people run in terror to the underground, chased by the painful sound of busting glass and tearing metal.

Spitfires rise into the air, challenging the krauts to a fight. The Messerschmitts drop their reserve tanks and turn into them. It's the fight they've wanted all along.

Puttering as I wait for the washing machine repair guy. His window to be here is 1-5 pm. It's 3:30, 1530 hrs, right now. I wait.

Cleaning up the basement, hauling the big bags of litter and food. Maintenance. My big thrill was walking down our long, lonely driveway to send in our reservation for Mudthaw. There I will face off against emt_hawk I only hope that my training and courage pulls me to victory.

It is quiet here. Only the sound of the cat cleaning herself and Iron Maiden Aces High playing in my head.

Running, scrambling, flying

I've ordered new shoes for the Hothering, Slothering, Wanderblest Beast complete with Horro-shred option and dual turbo. Those come in tomorrow along with my order from Amazon. I have Bernard Cornwell's latest book and Ponyo, Hayo Miazaki's latest production.

But that's tomorrow.

Tonight, I meet with the Scouts. We'll go over leadership stuff. I have to stop by my old office and pick up my copy of leadership building activities. The plan is to start teaching these guys how to lead.

But that's tonight.

Right now, there is only waiting for the Washer guy.

And waiting.

I think I'll go have some tea.
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