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Han's imports and domestics, Wickford Rhode Island

Would I go back to Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI for my car needs? NO!

Would I recommend anyone to go to Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI for their car needs. NO!

My experience at Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI was painful and stressful.

Clear enough?

If my car broke down in their driveway, I would push it back into the street and call a wrecker to tow it somewhere else.

To recap. My '74 VW Beetle broke down almost in front of Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI. We brought it in. The news was grave. I left it there for a day and he called me back. It was going to be a re-build or a new engine. I opted for the new engine. He gave me a quote on parts and labor and 6-8 week repair time.

This was July.

3,600 for parts, 600 to 800 labor. Painful? Yes, but I would have a new engine, muffler, heater boxes, clutch plate, a whole bunch of stuff. My VW's back end would be brand new.

I chose to bite the bullet.

Well, he under estimated his parts by 1,400 dollars and his labor by 1,000. I had a little sticker shock picking up the car. Had I had a better estimate up front of the costs, I would not have done it. Had I known the kind of business man Omar of Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI was, I would not have dealt with him.

And it took him 7 months to do it.

I had asked several times for a running cost but he assured me that his original estimate was still good and we were on track. But as the months went by, I asked again and he stated he was giving me a discount. He did. He knocked 900 bucks of the labor. This did put his labor costs within his estimate. (Well, off by a hundred bucks) But this is like jacking up the price and giving you a so called, discount.

And he never fixed the problem with the carburetor which took him two months to mess with. I had told him that the carburetor was messed up from before and I did ask him to look into it. BIG mistake.


He was keen on fixing stuff that wasn't broke, and I agreed assuming that stuff was going to die soon anyway. But had I known that his parts mark up for parts was so high, 223%, I would not have.

I assumed it would be something like 20% to 50% mark up, he's got to make his money. But 223%? VW parts are easy to get and are still being made.

And who can he be off by 2,300 bucks?

All in all, a horrible episode that I hope is over forever. I don't think I know anyone I hate enough to send them to Han's imports and Domestics, Wickford RI.

Bottom line is this. I have the car back. I still have carburetor work to do, but I have to pay off on my Visa card first. P'raps next year.
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