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Follow along now.

Trim Nails,
toenails too.
Pluck Brows.
Floss and brush.
Get naked.
Remove lint from belly button.
Shave back and arm pits.
Step on scale.

Another two pounds lost!

The mayhem at Mudthaw approaches and my clash with emt_hawk draws near. Weight training continues along with cardio. I took two days off pell work to let my wrist heal. Don't know what happened there, but it's happy now so tomorrow we work on power drills. 'Hit Sick' is the slogan.

I had some Gen time. Omar from Han's Imports and Domestics left her out in the rain even though he knows the soft top is leaking. He couldn't be bothered to put on the cover I bought for the car.

So I wasted time peeling up the floor mats blotting up the puddled of water and then using a hair dryer to dry the interior. I then spayed a rust inhibitor down.

I slithered under and took a look. I'm missing a pan that protects the pushrods. Odd that Omar of Han's import and domestics didn't mention that, or bilk me for one. Those pans are important. If a rock bounces up in there and damages the aluminum tubes it an screw up the valves.

But he did fix the back up lights. Thanks.

He hooked up the heat on the passenger side, but the cable on the driver's side is frozen. I'll see what I can do about that.

I finished putting the passenger side speakers in which improved the sound. I just now have to mount the driver's side.

I still can't get the highbeams working.

Gen seems happy to be home and I am happy to see her there.
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