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I want to live forever!

The sad, mournful cry floats through the breezy, cool air. A owl is asking for a date. Mating calls of nature are such a mystery, such magic. Sometimes violent, sometimes musical.

Human mating calls are like this:

"Did it hurt?"
"Did what hurt?"
"When you fell from heaven."


"If you were a booger, I would pick you first."

This would then be ended up with 'Baby'. I'm not sure why. No one is talking to an infant.

At least I hope.

I'm back out on the deck enjoying this beautiful, sunny day with no other gumption than to sit here and read Live Journal.

There's been a bit of talk about meeting a celebrity in normal life and I failed to realize that for a couple years I was good friends with this guy:

We hung out all the time. Shared comic books, watched videos, showed each other the current novel we were working on. We joked about how much we had in common. We still keep in touch. He's rather busy, but I wouldn't mind getting together with him again.

He's famous now. And he deserves it. He's worked very hard and is very talented.

If you're wondering where the joke is, it's here.

Yuri Lowenthal and I were buds back when I was stationed in Morocco. Yup, it's true. He's done some live action stuff, but does a lot of voice overs for Anime and video games, like Prince of Persia and Sasuke Uchiha. (pictured above)

I'm sure you've heard him before. If not, then your kids.

Life gets in the way. I do dream about when I retire and if I still have a voice, hooking up with him and doing voice overs. Yes, that is my secret dream. To be the voice behind the mike. Weird, innit?

No so weird. I do have the face for radio.
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