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A little more detail...

I think I was a little unfair to the Gods of German Engineering in my last post. To explain, car doors, as many of you know, are sealed environments for your windows. They are spot welded or riveted shut, mostly because for the window crank to lift the window out of the door, it needs a very solid mounting. But this leaves tiny little holes to work in. This is like being a OBGYN except your work area are rusted, jagged metal bits sawing through your wrists.

There is a lot in there. Gears, lifting arm, door lock and release handle, the window itself, stuff that needs repair and maintenance and getting in there is a pain in the ass.

Now all cars, German and American are like this so I can't blame the Germans, I'm just surprised that they haven't come up with a better design. I don't know why they can't make an access panel to get in there or something.

I have fixed the passenger side vent window with a part that susquehanna gave me so now it doesn't flop around and threaten to fall out of the car. It should stay open at speed.

As for the side view mirror on the Passenger side?

Ugh! What a pain! If I don't tighten it, it flops around like a bent puppy ear. If I tighten it up, it strips the threads and flops around like a bent puppy ear. It's killing me. I have one more try and then I'm just gonna yank it off a live without it.

After Mudthaw, I'll work on the speaker system.
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