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Death and...

Taxes are done. Submitted electronically by Turbo Tax, on-line tax filling submitter thingy. I was able to deduct the registration fees from my Gen, my bug. Isn't that nice?

Well, hopefully it will be accepted and I don't have to worry about it until next year. Truth is, with the exception of tips and private deals, the government should already know how much money I owe them. They should send me a bill at the start of the year so all I have to fill out is stuff like tips, if'n I were a waiter, which I'm not. I have no hidden expenses. If I did, I should just send in a Hidden Expense form and that's it. We would save gabillions of federal dollars a year. And, I should get a tax break doing it all electronically which saves paper, mailing and printing costs and protecting the environment. It would also save errors in filing. The government already knows the answers on my tax test, it's all been reported to them already.
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