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Please bear with me

This is going to be a mishmash post, deal with it.

The government, both state and federal have accepted my taxes and I'm good to go.

I filled out and mailed the Census. Here are my observations.

1. It behooves you to include as many people as possible, even ones who don't live there all the time. The more people, the more government funding. Good thing we're all very honest because I can see this being abused.

2. Race. You can be white. That's it. Just white. You can be black. Black is then defined as Afro-American or Negro. Seriously, negro? You can't put Negro unless you were born before 1930.

Now here's the interesting part. You can be white or black Hispanic. That is broken down into a massive list, some of which don't speak spanish at all.

Indian is Native American or Eskimo. If you're Hawaiian or Samoan, see Asian.

Asian is broken down into so many sub-catagories it isn't funny, and oddly doesn't include Arabic or Persian, but does include Indian. I mean, if China and Korea are different races, then so is Irish and Scottish.

But no, white is just white unless your Persian and then I don't know what the fuck you are.

That's the whole form. Just be sure to include the guy who sleeps on the couch sometimes.

I got my advanced site registration for Mudthaw. They spelled my name wrong. Really, Ferdo von Halston? I mean, this is New Jersey for Pete sake! The von Halsterns practically invented New Jersey. And where did Ferdo come in? Huh?

All is in readiness for Mayhem and Mudthaw!

The side view mirror on Gen is holding up fine, but now the roof isn't fitting right. Sigh.

Heres a little something about Connecticut State Law.

If you have a dog in the back of a pick up truck and the dog is not tethered or leashed as to prevent him from jumping out, it's a Summons to Court!

If your kid (Under the age of 16) is in the back of a pick up truck, it's a mail in ticket.
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