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Mayhem at Mudthaw Eve.

Drop pod has been attached to the Hothering Slothering Wanderblest Beast Complete with Horo-shred option and Dual Turbo

Armor preped, helmet relaced.

All my weapons have be carefully retapped. They feel like fresh, tools of destruction. Minor repair all around. Put new lanyard on mace. Rocked pell with it. That's mace would make Sir Arnwulf call Geneva on the anonymous tipster line.

Aleve regimen has begun. Stretched out and feeling warm.

Last bout on the pell, everything feels right, like I'm a storm god and they are my lightning bolts.

Downloaded power music to magic watch so I can listen to earth shattering music all the way until the lay on.

Mentals set to kill, a lot.

emt_hawk has 25 years as a qual'd fighter under his belt. His special powers are first aid and fire safety. I am 10 months shy of 30 years as a qual'd fighter and my special powers are making things not dead not alive.

I have one mission at Mudthaw. Give emt_hawk the best fight ever.

After that I'll be rather useless.

But before that,

There will be glory.
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