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The report on Mayhem at Mudthaw!

Months of training, the culmination of skill, technique and weight loss boiled down to one, shining moment of glory.

My opponent was this guy:
He was already in armor and ready to rock. I jumped out of the Hothering, Slothering, Wanderblest Beast complete with Horro-shred option and Dual Turbo go and play where there were no kids around, and got ready to rumble. I searched for the on-field Troll that had promised to be there, but I think it was afraid of the sun and hid somewhere. Not wanting to let emt_hawk wait, (yes, bytchearse I know it would have been Mifune, but I'm too much the boy scout) I quickly donned my armor, ignoring the pangs of cold that had numbed my fingers so badly I could not tie a proper not.

It was time.

And battle we did.

sillyviking was our marshall, who kept the mayhem to maximum.

It was tremendous! Hawk's massive defense skills proved worthy and in the end, it was much fun. While changing weapons, osgkar wanting the keep the Mayhem going, took on emt_hawk

But then emt_hawk produced his Secret Weapon
Samurai coloring books and crayons! Oh, noes! I am helplessly distracted. Must color! Must stay in the lines!

Suddenrifically I pull victory from defeat and reveal my Surprise. Which he knew all about and he was presented to the king!
and he is called away to a vigil for the order of the Pelican! (Cheer).

A quick costume change and I become a walking tourist attraction. I met up with Sir Sirhan abu et bin big black son of a bitch knight of the East diablu, and blaecstanlady_sandarakatherine_barrwldrose lyonessnycand of course, Mistress danabren who was garbed in traditional Japanese high court garb. I am also carrying my Masterwork Naginata, swathed to keep its very deadly point under wrap. (feel free to drool, zephyerofgod)

Now Japanese court garb was long and they walked on their Kimono's for some reason. This of course made stair-climbing way treacherous. She somehow managed that with ease.

Then off to bytchearse for something to eat. Ah! The sliced beef was want for nothing! Exceptional! Were it not for weight watchers I would have had a second! Most delectable!

Then off to court which I'm told went on for FOUR HOURS.
katherine_barr swore fealty to King Conrad, And there was a Toys for Tot's presentation.

And then emt_hawk was presented to the King,

Presenting, Master James Hawk!

(Big cheer)

Now to back up the story a bit. Remember the part about jumping into armor and fighting with numb fingers? Yeah, well I paid for that. I had a chance to fight oskar and I tore a muscle in my thigh and could not continue. Our fight was unresolved.

And truth be told, I don't think I was quite up to snuff. I have work to do because we can't leave this hanging. I must now train so that when next we meet, there will be glory! A fight we can regale over beers!

Back to the pell!
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