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All in a day.

Deep in the reaches of outer space, held tight be the unyielding grip of the glowing blue planet below, a satellite, about the size of a school bus hurtles in a perpetual circle at a neck breaking speed of seventeen thousand miles per hour. The satellite has done this for years now and it's seen the dawn over the Earth every 34 minutes and at this point is bored out of its mind.

It is a GPS satellite. I knows where it is re respect to everything. When you know where everything is, then it bloody difficult to surprise you. The GPS satellite has come to accept this over the years, and yet it wonders, deep in its massive CPU brain, what I would be like to have something different happen for a change.

At today, 0400hrs, GMT, something did.

When dinosaurs ruled the Earth, a little rock deep in space was dislodged from a bigger rock and went hurling through space on a distant million year journey that ended by smacking into a GPS satellite.

Some of you may have noticed when your GPS systems failed this morning. We noticed when a natural phenomena met an unnatural phenomena. Scientists are now thinking that what caused the strange episode of 'Birds' in Southern New England was a result of the natural homing signal in birds tuning into GPS satellites. When the satellite went on the blink, birds were suddenly befuddled causing flocks to stand around aimlessly in streets and parking lots, fouling (pun intend) up traffic for hours.

It did keep school children inside as hundreds of geese took over a school ground and a Murder of Crows, or it might have been a Conspiracy of Rooks, shut down a section of I95 in Rhode Island. In Mystic Connecticut, Seagulls, blocked the steam draw bridge refusing to move for hours. Police cordoned off the area to keep tourists from walking up to the seemingly docile birds. So, I took a break from writing Viruses for Xpostulate, and headed down to see. I arrived just after the birds began to move off. The collection of birds shit was amazing! The Fire Boat was brought in to hose down the bridge.

It sort of reminds me of the time in England, 19th century when a combination of weather and coal dust ladened air caused a massive smog bank to settle over London for days.

So, it's true. We can control the planet.

I suggest we take care.
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