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Into the night

The engine cools as its grumble dies away and silence fills the air. My breath hovers around my head like a ghostly wreath as I climb out of the car, the sound of gravel beneath my boots is now the only sound.

Wires stretch taught as I bend and touch my toes. Up again and down, then side to side, listening to the muffled watery pop of my spine as it protests.

Feeling the warmth build in my body, defying the cold, damp air.

Above, the dark billowy sleeve of a witch's robe adorned with stars covers the sky. Her aged hand, gnarled and twisted reaches down to touch the earth. Her magical ivory nail, hooked and sharp casts a frigid light that fills the wet black grass with gossamer.

I step off, putting one foot in front of the other. The track is laid out before me, a grey shadow against black. I am alone in the stillness, the only wind caused by my passing.

I walk.

2 miles flow beneath me. It takes 28 minutes to do it.

Training continues, weight loss continues, cleaning the house continues. I think I sold my self short diet wise and really beat myself up. I didn't adjust calorie intake for the walking and now I'm just beat. Combined with the spring cleaning, I'm just flat out pooped.

I have to deal with unsurmountable tasks while cleaning. In its simplest form, an unsurmountable task is a seeming simple job that gets complicated to the point that I don't want to do it anymore and then don't. Here's an example.

We have a big canvas tent in the basement. It should be stored off the floor. So I get a pallet. Now the pallet has to go where the tent is sitting. I would have to move the tent, put the pallet in place, then replace the tent on the pallet.

Oh, did I mention that the tent weighs the same as a heaping tablespoon of white dwarf? And my already rickety spine trembles at the notion of moving it not just once, but twice

Too much work. I'll go watch another episode of Top Gear on Net Flicks instead.

I mean, imagine how complicated it would be to clean out the walk in closet. I have to do like, six things just to get that door open, and then another 8 things just to get the space where all that junk is going to get moved too, before actually moving anything in there.


But I've been getting through it, painful as it is.

My adjustment to the evening shift is coming along. It's weird. Should I get up in the morning and work through till midnight, or get up later and go to sleep later, do I eat breakfast at noon or skip that and go to lunch.

That's where I was loosing calories. I just eliminated a whole meal from my day. Not smart.

But it's all coming together. Yes it is.
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