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We're all posty today.

Doing hourly checks of little Longshot gives me the opportunity to Twitter my LJ. I'm here, the mouse is here, the LJ is here, we're all here.

This morning for breakfast was pancakes. I make it from near scratch, meaning I don't actually harvest the wheat for flour or milk the cow for eggs and raise the chicken for milk, or bake soda for baking soda, but I do have the ingredients with I combine with out my Aunt Jemima's help.

One of the ingredients is 2 tbs. of oil. Tbs. meaning Table Spoon which isn't an actual table spoon. You can't just pick up any spoon on the table and use that. You have to use the one you buy at the store which makes it a Store Spoon or a Srn, or Sts., but I digress.

Some of you may know that oil is like a Weight Watchers (tm) handgrenade, or Grenado for you pirates, and is to be avoided so today I used unsweetened applesauce.

Worked great!

Sliced up a little banana, a fruit discovered by a Spanish Explorer with a horrible stutter, and breakfast was served.

I guess I'm feeling a little clever for that trick because 2 Tbs. or 2 Srns. or 2 Stns. of unsweetened applesauce is virtually Weight Watcher Points free saving the 2.8 points of oil per pancake. This does not include the points for flour and eggs and whatnot that are already there. I could eat 2 Tbs. or 2 Srns. or 2 Stns. of unsweetened applesauce all day and not rack up any Weight Watcher points. This makes the pancake really Weight Watcher friendly, except it also means that I have on hand, on the shelf, ready for action, unsweetened applesauce in my cupboard.

I'm not sure I should admit that I have unsweetened things in my house.

I'm also not sure where the hell it came from. It was just there. Randomly slipped through a worm hole from three dimensions over and dropped into this one, on my cupboard shelf, in front where I could see it.

Or, what is more likely, it was planted there!

This was all staged!

A trap and I fell for it hook line and pancake! But by who? Who would have access to my cupboard?

I think the answer now lies with a webcam.

Time to trap the trapster and solve this Scooby mystery before Non-dairy creamer shows up in the fridge along with artificial sweeteners and Tang.

Crime is a foot! and likely connected to a leg which is connected to a culprit who is in need of apprehension!

This breakfast mystery is ON!
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