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The mouse is fine, the glowing one eye'd god, is dead.

Young couples can live on love. Sure there's some kraft mac and cheese and some instant Ramen involved, but they seem to sustain themselves on little more than air. Smelly air at that. They sleep on a futon filled with rocks and giggle as they cuddle up to a candle for heat, not daring to turn on a light and have that bill to pay. I swear our grocery bill was 20.00 a month. I simply never got tired of PB and J.

But it's the perfect food, now that I think of it.

Our entertainment was a 13 inch JVC with two shining antenna rods for reception, one broken, repaired, broken again and one round wire areal for UHF. I yanked a converter box from my Commodore 64 so I could plug it into our VCR and with the VCR we could get more than the standard thirteen channels.

And that lasted us for about 2 years with no thought of upgrade.

As we spoke of marriage, I dreamed of an appropriate ring and setting. She dreamed of a big screen TV. I argued that it wasn't proper, but she was adamant.

She had to go for a job interview and they flew her to Chicago for it. I used that time to go out, price them, research them, buy it, a stand as well, put it all together, set it up and plug it in. Keep in mind, this monster was bigger than an eight year old's tree house and as heavy as a refrigerator with a fat guy strapped to it.

It was coal mine black and obtrusively sucked up all the Feng Shui in the apartment and was the largest object in the room.

She didn't notice it when she walked in, walked by it, twice, and then stood next to it. I had to point it out.

It served us well. We never needed to think of HD because it had such quality. It got a lot of use.

Now there is a sad, empty space where it sat in it's Feng Shi containment cabinet. The repair guy gave us the grave news.

It's time for a new era, a new debt on the charge card,

The new T.V. will be slim and fold up into a wallet size and it will project images directly into our brains.

And rot us from within.

Gotta feed the mouse.
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