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Can I get a break, please?

So I start up Gen this afternoon and it dies on me. It's at this point I notice the gas gauge says M-T. I am confused because there is half a tank. I'm thinking that the gas gauge must have malfunctioned and I was out and somehow made it home on fumes.

So, I get some more gas and as I pour it in, I hear it pouring out.

I quickly grab vice grips and find a leaking hose and clamp that off, but more gas is still pouring out. So I grab a 13mm socket and pull the gas tank out.

Mouse nest.

The fuel line's been nibbled through in ten places.

He had to have done it in the last two weeks. Now here's the kicker, there is a ultrasonic mouse repeller under the car.

So my question to LJ is this:

Other then ultrasonic devices, how can I repel mice?
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