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And the sky brightens to blue

It is 5am, Sunday morning and I did not make my goal of new material for the novel that I've yet to name.

I did start a new chapter and that alone, that first sentence into virgin territory, is enough to hang a day's worth on. How easy it is to fall into that bleached snow whiteness of the page and fall and fall and fall into nothingness. So demanding! Here is the universe! Blank and open for you, scratch your mark, indelible and rich, and make it good, worthy of a god's critique!

So much hangs on that first sentence. The cornerstone of a chapter. Upon that seed the forest will grow.

I was about a paragraph short of my goal, but there comes a point, when the sky lightens and the shadows of the trees lay like black cut outs against the window, that you know it's time to stop and go to bed.

And yet, I'm posting to LJ.

Funny that.

On Friday I put the gas tank back into Gen, hooked up the fuel line and started her up. An hour job for most men, me it took three. But it did start and I was able to drive it to the packy to pick up my allowance of Rum.

I built a shelf for the new flat screen tv so it sits properly in its little cubby hole. It's painted flat black so it stays invisible.

Saturday I made some pancakes using applesauce instead of oil. They were fluffy, and light, and golden brown and easy on the weight watchers(tm) points.

I then hosted a little armor workshop here at the Shire. Master Feral carved a new great sword. My role was to drill out the haft and pour in molten lead and then fashion a Tsuba. It's a bit of a trick to do that and not burn the rattan or melt the plastic Tsuba. I did announce and point out where the fire extinguisher was.

st_alix padded her new helm. I cut out a leather chin strap for it.

Duncan removed some plates from his armor so that it fits better. I played no assistance to that, other than a steady stream of humorous commentary and general bitching.

As I now look out the window, the trees have stepped from the shadow. The sun begins to rise.

It is now the time that I sleep.
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