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We went in for an extention cord.

Our intentions were pure enough, get in, buy a surge protector and get out. How hard can that be? But the cell phones were there and yes, I needed a new one. The old one was so old it was rotary dail. ( rimshot) some of you may not know what that is. Lo and behold, iPhones are on sale. Big discount. Well, I can't pull the trigger and leap into the 21st century. So we walk around a decide to price a new DVD player to go with the new tv we got last month. Oh, no! You need Blueray to go with the tv. So we look at them and the guy says, you need Internet for you blueray so you can watch Avitar, or just get a PS3. So I try to dodge the bullet and say, well we'll make the up grade when Final Fantasy XIII comes out, thinking that won't be for another six months. Oh, the man says, that's been out for a while.

So we get that, and Avitar and FFXIII and cables and another controller and I still can't nut up about the phone. Do I really need an iPhone for my Internet
addiction? Is that healthy? So I give Kagetsunami my old phone and tell her to do it.

So here I am, surfing in the car on my iPhone.

And here's the part about the end of the world.

Yes, the world is doomed! It was the surge protector. With the fear of global warming, surge protectors now shit off appliances that trickle charge. These things don't work and will only wind up in a landfill forever. And I'm sure it shutting off appliances will mess them up some how and they will join the stupid surge protector. We're causing more global warming to save us from global warming.

Now the important part.

My old cell phone was so old that when they tried to copy the contact phone numbers onto the new phone, it melted.

I do not have anyone's phone number.

If you think I should have your phone number, and you already have mine, you should call me.

If you think I should have your phone number and you don't have my number, it's 860 389 2640.

So, posting to LJ from my iPhone.

That's the 21st century for ya.
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