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More work on the Bug

Once again, my friends, into the trunk!

It seems that it takes not only twice the amount of time to fix anything, but also twice the amount of times. A mouse chewed through my fuel line and I fixed the lines, but I was getting a pungent odor of gas in the car. All around not a good thing, so I was back at it again, this time with a little more gas tank experience.

First off, the gas tank in an AC (Air cooled) VW is on you lap as you drive. You don't have to worry about being re-ended, but rear-ending someone.

Open wide, Gen!

This is the gas tank.

The black shiny thing. The silver ring on the top of the picture is the fuel gauge sending unit which tells you how much gas is in the car. To the left is a nest of hoses. I'm thinking these are thirty five years old and need to be replaced.

The fat one is the Filler hose which needs to be replaced.

I have new tools for the process!

They are just too cool and gives me a Hawkeye from MASH feel in my automechanics.

First, use a 13 mm to unscrew these 4 bolts and partially lift out the gas tank. Wedge a stick in there so it won't shift, fall and slice your fingers off.

I had about 5 gallons in the tank so that made it a little more challenging. Also, you have to be careful the edges of the tank don't scuff everything, or crush or cut any other wires or hoses. Once it's high enough, look for the hose under the tank and clamp that off. Then slide under the bottom of the car and find the gas line from the tank and clamp that off. Double the protection. Remember, there's five gallons of gas over your head just waiting to dump on you. In fact, have a vice grips ready just in case.

Now go to the engine and clamp off the gas line from the bottom of the car to the fuel pump. I mean, why not?

Now back to the front of the car, slither underneath and pull the fuel line. No gas? Great! Gas? Good thing you had them vice grips ready.

Standing up and hunched over in the trunk, undo the hose clamps on the filler hose and wriggle that out. Grunt, groan, curse, just get it off.

Now that you're all sweaty, reach for the K-Y jelly!

Yeah, you know you like this part.

There are two rubber liners for the outside of the filler tube. Slather ky on them and get it on, baby! Then wriggle that fat filler hose onto the filler tube. Work that thing!

The new hose is in place and it only took me all freaking day.

Remove the clamp from the bottom hose of the gas tank and double check that you're not leaking gas down below. Settle the gas tank back where it goes and finish wriggling the filler hose into place then put on new hose clamps. Hose clamps are cheap, so why chintz? Save the old ones for emergencies. Re-bolt the tank, then get back on your back and under the car and re-hook the fuel line, put the hose clamp back on, and reclaim your clamp and vice grip. Then pull the clamp off the fuel line in the engine compartment.

Double check to make sure the fuel gauge sending unit wires did not get disconnected. Remember that silver ring on the top of the tank? There was a reason I mentioned it. If they did, re-connect them. Clean off any crud you find on them, M-kay?

Done! Make sure there is no dripping gas and you know where the fire extinguisher is, and fire it up! I mean, start the car.

No gas smell and she runs.

I then, because I have a couple minutes to kill, pulled off the old shift lever knob and put on the new one. This took hours! There has to be a better way! I think the old one when it was put on was cross threaded, so the threads are all bunged up. I just cranked on the new one because I wasn't ready to replace the shift lever.

It's walnut wood and handsome.

Now to clean out the rest of the interior.
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