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Warrior, author, auto mechanic, baker

For those of you you think I only know the brutal, unforgiving world of rampant destruction and maiming, I also know how to kill from within.

I made a carrot cake.

Here it is Naked.

Mmmmm. Nice, innit? Baked all golden orange. I replaced oil with apple sauce because I have this mysterious supply of it and I figure that if I use it all up I'll find out who's stocking my shelves with it.

Then for the Cream Cheese Frosting

I used no fat Cream Cheese if for no other reason than to irritate theespert I can see him rolling in his grave! Save he isn't dead. But, no rush.

And a finished product!

If you'd like some, come to the Gales Ferry CT practice at the Historic Nathan Lester House and you can get some.
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