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Dear, everybody.

The interweb is a vastly amazing entity chock full of the collective knowledge of everything known to man. This includes facts, fantasies and out and out bullshit.

Please, for the sake of the moment when aliens come to our world and look at our data banks of intellectual prose, let not their reaction be, "We came all this way for this crap?"

Stop forwarding every stoopid e-mail! Seriously! I don't wanna hear it!

Put a Snoops filter on your computer. People are going to invent lies and portray them as truth to get attention, or just dick with you, don't fall into that trap.

If you can't help yourself because you're all ready a lobotomized minion of the collective web, then just not send it to me.

I would rather hear about your boring ass day than useless lies portrayed as facts you can't live without. We can live without it, trust me.
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