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Frozen in time, lost in headlights.

I was driving home in Gen tonight when an opossum ran out into the road. I swerved and he turned away, as if to scamper back from whence he came. Just as I straightened out, in the corner of my eye I saw he turned back.

I made a u-turn. I believe that it is the ultimate indignity to leave one's mortal remains in the street to be repeatedly struck until they are ground into the asphalt, a greasy spot in the road. Keep in mind I also believe that risking one's life to move the carcass is not bright either. But it was near mid-night, and the road all but abandoned. I have clear visibility in both directions and a good flash light.

I pulled him out of the road and back into the bushes. I apologized and wished him well on his next journey.

As I walked back to my car, I noticed that two cars had also pulled over and the driver of one was coming my direction. I shouted that I was okay. He nodded and went back to his car.

I got back in Gen, put on my seatbelt and pulled back onto the road. Only when I started moving again did the other two cars pull out and head off to where ever they were going.

I do bash the human race sometimes, overall disappointed in its general vapid, self absorbed, and malice filled nature, but every once in a while, someone will throw me a curve.

I doubt they cared for the opossum, they die by the gillions on that road but they stopped for me. To see if I was alright. Maybe because I had a cool car, but they still took a moment to check.

On a stranger.

To render assistance, give aid, to help a stranger on a dark, lonely road.
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