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S'funny, and yet it's s'not.

My friends, who were sincerely thinking about me, bought me a Marine Corps bottle opener that played a couple bars of the Marine Corps Hymn every time you used it. Marines don't like fruit in the beer, or spices or little jingles to be played when they're drinking beer. Beer drinking is serious business, so yesterday I decided to to deal with this in a Marine Corps way.

I chewed on the opener throughout the night.

Yes, I chewed on it.

It had teeth marks on it and everything.

And finally it stopped working.

And when it stopped everyone cheered and I said, "And now I'm sad."

I was. I didn't realize at first but something suddenly irked me. It was a cheap little toy that was going to fall apart and die soon enough, but I intentionally brought that about because I was being silly, or macho, or just plain,

ah donno.

It was alive in its only little inanimate object way. It made noise. I purposely ended that non-life for no reason and that was bothering the crap out of me.

Today I took it into the basement, pulled it apart, re-sodered a connection and now it works fine. I put a piece of tape over the speaker to keep the noise down a little.

But I did fix it.

P'raps because I was wasting something. Throwing away the resources that took to make it. Or maybe that harsh lesson I learned so long ago when you don't take care of your toys.

I feel better now that it works again.

What a lesson in a tiny little toy that more than likely has a significant elevated lead base in it! A lesson for me in an unexpected place.
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