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Dragoncaller Meme

You are alone on a distant planet uninhabited by intelligent life. Intelligent life means smarter than a dandelion.

Because of the planet's unique upper atmosphere, scanning of the surface from passing ships or satellites are impossible.

Your ship is a suitable shelter, all your needs are taken care of. The bugs ignore you. Air, temperature and gravity are perfect.

You are completely safe.

And there is no intelligent life anywhere for Light Years.

You have a stereo with wattage that is calculated in theoretical numbers.

It goes up to 11.

You have six, six foot tall speakers, adorned with with 18 inch woofers, some mid-ranges and a hand full of tweeters. You have two sub woofers, each the size of a dinning table that seats six.

Preliminary experiments have concluded that the local flora and fauna are unbothered by noise.

And there is no possible chance that anyone, anywhere, will see or hear you.

No one will know.

Your stereo has every song ever recorded. Period.

So, here is the question:

What song will your dance in your underwear like it's 1979?
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