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Moar kittahs!

Unrelated to anneheart's current events.

It was brought to my attention that the Groton CT Animal Shelter has

kittens who need homes!

Some are ready right now, others, in a week or so.

If you adopt, I will pay for fees, shots and spay.

This is Mama Kittah,

While she needs a home too, she's busy right now with these angels.

These guys won't be adoptable for a few more weeks, so you can spread the word.

I understand if you personally can't take one, SO DON'T reply telling me why. I understand. I can't take them either.

But please, spread the word. That's all I ask. Help me get these guys HOME!

Show these guys off at work. Link to this page. Whatever it takes.

The pound also has some beautiful dogs too.

You can call the Groton Pound at 860-441-6712.

Or my work e-mail addy Dragoncaller Work E-mail
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