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Iambic puntameter

An African despot was so full of himself that he fashioned a golden throne adorned with jewels and rare stones. Well, this was the final act that sparked the villages to ban together and over throw their corrupt leader. As the angry mob approached his palace, the despot gathered up his ill gotten booty, along with his throne and fled. Finding roads blocked, he quickly drove to his old home village. There, he stored his stuff in the rafters of a grass hut and disguised himself as a beggar. As the angry mob searched for him, he simply sat in the hut and directed the mob elsewhere. As the mob turned to leave, they heard a horrible crash. They looked in the hut and found that the stress of the heavy golden throne was too much for the fragile grass hut and in an act of ironic justice, crashed down on the rotten dictator, killing him.

The moral of the story is this.

People who live in Grass Houses shouldn't stow thrones.
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